Are open hearth fireplaces eligible for the program?

Open hearth fireplaces may be eligible for a heating appliance rebate if residents’ are purchasing an electric insert. The program guidelines require that residents’ be replacing a wood burning heat source that is currently used as the primary home heating option. As fireplaces are rarely the primary heating option in a household, the replacement eligibility is up to the discretion of program administrators.

The program does not cover wood-burning inserts into an open hearth when there is no existing wood-burning insert. Typically installing a wood-burning insert into a fireplace results in increase use of the new wood-burning appliance, thereby resulting in total increase in air particulate emissions. Open hearth fireplaces tend to be used on special occasions, whereas once inserts are installed wood burning occurs much more frequently.

If residents already have a wood burning fireplace insert that is at least 5 years old or uncertified, residents’ may be eligible to replace the insert with a new EPA- or CSA-certified wood burning appliance. 

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1. Are open hearth fireplaces eligible for the program?
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