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Are You Ready? Take our Emergency Preparedness Challenge Quiz!

  1. 1. Do your family members know how to keep themselves safe in a disaster?

  2. 2. Do you have a Grab 'n Go Comfort Kit for each member of your family?

  3. 3. Does your family have a Reunion Plan in case you are separated during a disaster?

  4. 4. Do you know what plans your children's or grandchildren's school has developed for protection during disasters?

  5. 5. Do you have at least 7 days of drinking water (7 gallons or 31.5 litres per person) safely stored for your family?

  6. 6. Have you collected and stored emergency supplies to provide for your family for an extended period of time?

  7. 7. Have you conducted a Home Hazard Hunt?

  8. 8. Do you have the means to prepare meals if the power is out for an extended period of time?

  9. 9. Does each member of your family know how to turn off home utilties such as water, gas and electricity?

  10. 10. In a sudden power outage, could you quickly locate a flashlight or have you purchased home power failure lights?

  11. 11. Do you have a basic First Aid kit?

  12. 12. Do you know where your local Emergency Reception Centre is located?

  13. 13. Have you determined how you will signal for assistance, if a disaster strikes?

  14. 14. Is your workplace prepared in the event of a major disaster?

  15. 14 yes answers = Congratulations

  16. 10 - 12 yes answers = A little more work to do here

  17. 7 - 9 yes answers = You are halfway there

  18. 4 - 6 yes answers = This weekend would be a good time to continue preparing

  19. 0 - 3 yes answers = Please get started now!

  20. If you answered "no" to any of these questions, now is the time to act.

  21. ** For more information, contact Public Safety at 250-746-2560 or 1-800-665-3955**

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